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GST Quiz, GST Question & Answers, GST MCQ 2018, GST MCQs, GST Mock Tests. GST online Mock test on will assess your skills on various aspects of GST. (Goods and Services Tax). Take the tests Now !! Take Goods and Service Tax Online Quiz 2018. GST is roll out from 1st July 2017. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be responsible for computing all tax liabilities, the filing of returns and maintaining records of the same for audit purposes

GST Meaning and Scope of Supply Online Quiz, GST Registration Online Quiz, GST Refund Online Quiz, GST Returns Online Quiz, GST Composition Scheme Online Quiz, GST Job Work Online Quiz, GST E-Commerce Online Quiz, GST Appeal & Revisions online Quiz, GST Advance Ruling online quiz, GST Levy & Collection online quiz, GST Transitional Provisions online quiz etc….Check Other GST Quiz’s from below…

GST Quiz, GST MCQ 2018, GST Online Test

GST Topic NameTest Link
GST MCQ on Meaning and Scope of SupplyGo to Test
GST MCQ on Levy and Collection of Central, State GSTGo to Test
GST MCQ on Composition SchemeGo to Test
Taxable Person under GST MCQGo to Test
GST Value of Taxable SupplyGo to Test
GST RegistrationGo to Test
GST Invoice, Credit and Debit NotesGo to Test
GST ReturnsGo to Test
Payment of tax, interest, penalty and other amountsGo to Test
Tax Deduction at SourceGo to Test
GST RefundGo to Test
GST Accounts & RecordsGo to Test
GST Job WorkGo to Test
GST E-CommerceGo to Test
Provisional AssessmentGo to Test
Scrutiny of Returns under GST MCQGo to Test
GST Assessment MCQGo to Test
Tax collected but not deposited with the Central or State GovernmentGo to Test
Recovery of tax under GST RegimeGo to Test
Payment of tax and other amounts in instalmentsGo to Test
Transfer of property to be void in certain casesGo to Test
Tax to be first charge on the propertyGo to Test
Provisional attachment to protect the Revenue in certain casesGo to Test
Continuation and validation of certain recovery proceedingsGo to Test
Power of inspection, search and seizureGo to Test
Power to summon persons to give evidence and produce documentsGo to Test
Offences and Penalties MCQGo to Test
Prosecution and Compounding of OffencesGo to Test
Appeals and RevisionGo to Test
Advance RulingGo to Test
Presumption as to documentsGo to Test
Liability to Pay in Certain CasesGo to Test
Transitional Provisions Mock TestGo to Test

GST Mock Test

Here we provide GST Online Quiz for Testing your GST Preparation. GST MCQ is available for GST all Acts 2018 like – GST Quiz 2018, SGST Quiz 2018, CGST Quiz 2018, IGST Quiz 2018, UTGST Quiz 2018. GST Quiz is very helpful for GST Preparation and by using GST MCQ you may test your preparation for upcoming GST Regime. GST Quiz in Hindi, GST Quiz in English, GST Quiz in Tamil etc. Here below we provide topic wise GST Online Quiz 2018.

GST Quiz

The present system of indirect taxation has multiplicity of taxes levied by the Centre and State. This has led to a complex and conflicting principles in indirect tax structure, adding to the multiple compliance and administrative costs. Goods and Service Tax, which subsumes a large number of Central and State taxes into a single tax, is meant to mitigate the cascading effect of taxes, provide seamless credit and make way for a common market. However, realization of all the foregoing objectives appears to be a Herculean task and requires the co-operation of all States.

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