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MSCIT MCQ, MSCIT Mock Test Papers, MSCIT Model Test Papers Online, MKCL MSCIT MCQ Series in Marathi and EnglishMSCIT Quiz In Marathi. MSCIT Question and Answers. MSCIT Mock tests are designed to give the student a hands on experience of the MSCIT Exam. MSCIT Exam is Conducted by MKCL and MSCIT Certificate is required for Various Government Exams Held in Maharashtra. Check out MSCIT Online Mock Test Series, MSCIT Online Model Test Papers…

MSCIT MCQ, MSCIT Mock Test Papers

Test Question Launch Test
MSCIT Power Point MCQ 30 Go to Test
MSCIT MS Word MCQ 30 Go to Test
MSCIT MS Excel MCQ 30 Go to Test
MSCIT Internet MCQ 30 Go to Test
MSCIT Computer Fundamental Test 30 Go to Test
MSCIT Computer Operating System Test 30 Go to Test
MSCIT Data Base Management Test 30 Go to Test
MSCIT MCQ Series 1 30 Go to Test

MSCIT Various Exams MCQs

By practicing with the MSCIT Mock Tests given here, you will not only be prepared about the type of exam, but also be able to judge and plan your preparation with the preparation analysis. Now scroll down below n check various “MSCIT Mock Test Papers, MSCIT Model Test Papers Online”

Topics for MSCIT Final Examination

Objective Topics Practical Topics
Internet, The Web and Electronic Commerce Windows 7
System Software MS-Word 2013 OR Open Writer
The System Unit MS-Excel 2013 OR Open Calc
Input and Output MS-PowerPoint 2013 OR Open Impress
Secondary Storage Internet Explorer 7.0 OR Mozilla
MS-Outlook 2013 OR Mozilla Mail

Examination Pattern

  1. Duration of Exam: 60 minutes (1 Hour)
  2. Total Questions: 50, Total Marks: 50
  3. Marks per Question : 1
  4. All the questions in the examination are divided into 3 levels.
    • Level 1 = Low difficulty level
    • Level 2 = Medium difficulty level
    • Level 3 = High difficulty level
  5. Exam Pattern: Level wise distribution of questions and Marks
Difficulty No. of questions
Objective Practical Total
Low 6 14 20
Medium 6 14 20
High 3 7 10
TOTAL 15 35 50

Marks per question = 1


Re-Exam fees: Rs. 355/-

Please note that in the case of failure or absenteeism in the first available final online exam attempt, Learner can appear for re-examination for next two consecutive available exam events by paying requisite fees. If Learner remains absent or fails in these two attempts, s/he will have to register afresh again by paying full Course Fees.

MSCIT MCQ Series in Marathi

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Take mcqtestseries MSCIT various Online mock test series for Practice MSCIT Exam. MSCIT Exam is held by VMOU after every 3 months and the MSCIT is taken by thousands of students each year. In order to ace the exam and get the extra edge in your preparation it is necessary to know before hand the type and difficulty of questions that you will face in the exam.

MCQ is very useful for exam preparation, by using below MCQ you may test your whole study and also know that how much you are prepared for MSCIT 2018 Exams. In the below MCQ or MSCIT Online Quiz we provide all subjects important questions and answers like MSCIT MS Word MCQ, MSCIT MS Excel MCQ, MSCIT MS Power Point MCQ, MSCIT Internet MCQ, MSCIT MS Access MCQ, MSCIT Database MCQ, MSCIT Basic Computer MCQ etc… Now take free MSCIT MCQ or Online Quiz from below…

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